A payor approved assessment.

The comprehensive, digital solution for your assessment needs

Recommended and Approved

With a combined 40+ years of assessment data, ABLLS-R and AFLS provide organizations with a payor approved assessment solution.

Transformative Data and Solution

Modernize how you conduct intake assessments and track progress over time by transitioning to a digital assessment solution. Transform your current assessment workflow with over 2,400 assessable items, providing specific, invaluable insights for clients or students.

Quick Reporting

Generate customized reports faster than ever, allowing clinicians and educators to analyze progress, make data-informed decisions and intervene with ease.

Enhanced Treatment

With detailed assessment information collected over time, deliver better, reimbursable care that enables individuals to achieve better outcomes and live more independent lives.

Equitable Access for Systemic Change

Change the narrative by providing your teams with standardized data collection with ABLLS-R | AFLS, a CR Assessments product. With our premier digital assessment tool, share learner progress with all team members, parents, and caregivers, increasing collaboration.

Individualized Instruction

With detailed assessment information collected over time, write more appropriate goals, identify individualized accommodations and modifications, and provide high-quality, data-informed individualized instruction.

Unified Platform

For the first time ever, access the ABLLS-R and AFLS together. The assessments you’ve known and loved are now available on the leading technology platform, CR Assessments.

Data-Informed IEPs

Quickly and easily identify student strengths and skill gaps across critical domains with the ABLLS-R | AFLS, a CR Assessments product, providing educational teams with the information necessary to design and implement effective, individualized instruction.

Enhanced Reporting

Our premier digital solution provides educational teams with more robust reporting, making it easier to measure regression and track progress. Quickly and easily generate reports that meet the needs of various reimbursement streams.

Best Practices

With ongoing, repeated assessments, identify what is working and where adjustments are necessary. Using robust, customized reports, teams are better equipped to make data-informed decisions.

Secure Records

Gone are the days of sharing handwritten notes and student work samples. CentralReach provides a secure, HIPPA compliant platform for all data tracking and assessment procedures.

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